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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dragonspyre, Celestia, Zafaria...

 Hey yall! I have been hard at work questing in Dragonspyre, and that works paid off! I am now in Celestia!!! And the new world, Zafaria, has come out Friday! It looks pretty cool!



Angel UnicornDreamer

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-Uh. Cicero. Lipshitz!

Oh yeah! over 2,000 page views! Thanks world! Who knew people would care so much about my little blog ;)
Anyways! I got my membership back up! Im now level 51 on Jenna ;) I will be starting again on Fiona after DS, maybe in mid-Celestia... I HATE questing alone, and the only person that will help me is the awesome, wonderful, bestest person ever, @AmbertheSavior
ANYWAYS, I got the HawkRider bundle, pretty cool! I am waiting for xmas for the bigger sun palace bundle.
I tryed out the test realm. I LOVE the leopard pet! SO CUTE! I like how you can feed unwanted stuff to your pet. Never selling stuff again! (well, other than the stuff you cant feed 'em)
Heres the new pic i made!

Thats all i have today!




Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-Uh. Cicero. Lipshitz!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Featured #Twizard of october, @Dianawildheart

I updated the site just now, and added some stuff. The new #Twizard of the month is...


Angel UnicornDreamer

Nyeh... I dont know what to call this post, eh?

So, it seems I have not posted in a while... Well, it sort of fits, because I ran out of my sub and we dont have the money to bring it back up now. But let me tell you whats going on!

First, My Pappaws remembrance was awesome. thanks for all that came! Here are the pics i took.

Also, Spetember 18th was my Birthday!!! I am now 15 years old! I had a Winnie the Pooh cake :) (I was going to have a Wizard101 cake, but my cousin was too busy to make it :/)
So there is a test realm out, its almost halloween, and yadda yadda. I am still pretty active on Skype and Twitter, and i have all of Wizard City (sans Sunken City...) bought via crowns, and i can do the Collosus Blvd level 50 tower, but no one wants to do it with me :(.

Well, thats all for now...


Angel UnicornDreamer

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wysteria hits live, Wyvern Pack, Pack o' porters

Hey guys! So, Wysteria has hit Live Realm today! Along with Pack o' Porters, which you put in your castle and you can teleport to a place you pick in your castle! You can even teleport through different castles! And the Wyvern Pack, which is like the Dragons Hoard pack, but life based, kind of. Thats really all i have to talk about right now cya!


Jenna UnicornDreamer

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hello! I just started school again today, 10th grade, Whoo! I have some pretty good classes but this isnt what im talking about this post! I am talking about the new world... Of Wysteria!! Yes, its an UNANNOUNCED world, sort of. There was an announcement a few weeks ago, (or so i read, im not sure when it was) that there was going to be a surprise for level 25+ wizards!! They have Schools like Wizard City, But wait!! Wysteria IS Wizard City! It used to be a MailRoom type world in the WizardCity chain (Like Japan, i guess) but now its Pigsworth Acadamy! It reminds me of Hogswart from The Harry Potter series, (EPIC movies, havent finished the books yet though!) Heres a pic i accidentally took:

Thats Test Realm Bone Dragon, :(, And i spent most of my crowns, and i tried with my newbby Myth Wiz, and got it in one try :P Now, do you see that pig wizard? There are different colors of them EVERYWHERE! Heres the different Schools: 
The school of Tempest (Storm)
The School of Ember (Fire)
The School of Eqauilibrium (Balance)
The School of Spirit (Death)
The School of Frost (Ice)
The School of Chaos (Myth)
The School of Earth (Life)

Also, Some theory Crafting. Maybe this is just Hopefulness, but maybe eventually you will be able to create a charector out of the many races that goes to this school and go there, or maybe a whole new game entirely. Like being able to choose your race, but it will probobally be a pig. I have always wanted a new race/class for this game!
Also, the podcast is upgraded from a maybe-no to a maybe or maybe-yes. Lets hope! Until then...


Angel UnicornDreamer

UPDATE: After going in to the Headmistress' Office and seeing the Headmistress, my theory is shes Morganthe in disguise :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Podcast sadness... Featured #Twizard of the month, August!

Hey guys, i have some sad news :( For some reason, my dad has decided not to let me do the Podcast. Yes, i did have his permission before, but for some reason he changed his mind. He might let me, he is still thinking about it...
AND!!! The new #twizard of the month, a fellow wizard with a blog, @PaigeMoonShade!!!! Yeah, i noticed that my contests have been Twitter Based, but i am trying to be more active with my email ( But... Heh i am having a hard time ^^; OHH!!! And Jenna, FINALLY, has gotten to Grand Master, level 50!! So i can use my Sultans Armor now, yaayyyy!! I wish i took a pic of my 1st Critical, but my screenshot button isnt working :/ So no new pictures! I have learned to Solo, FINALLY, with some help from Arlen Dawneyes, :) THANKS!! So I entered Panglous story contest, and am prepared to use my epic writing skills to win :) SO GET READY TO BE AMAZED!!! The next wizard, after Jenna, i am working on will be my Storm Wizard or Balance Wizard, Angel, whom I like to be addressed as now :)

Well, to wrap up this REALLY long Blog Post,


Angel UnicornDreamer

Friday, July 29, 2011


Hey guys, sorry i havent posted in a while... I ran out of membership and just got it back the other day :) So I will be active again :) So the podcast is kind of going slowly, we have to cast and stuff, we just havent written down the script and practiced... Since its going to be Live, we need as much practice as we can get. I have been very active on Skype lately, and Twitter. So, thats all. I will post later, cyaz



P.S. YES, I is a dude. I have Jenna as my only girl toon, and my Ice Wiz I havent really started playing. Just thought I would point this out :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Podcast news, CONTEST!!!

Hey heyyy!!! So A certain mini-game site put in new items, including an AWESOME FOG Unicorn that used to be only avaible through a one-time use magazine code! Pic here:
Also, The Podcast pic!!!
Nice, eh? That is @AwesomeBlizzard next to me, one of the Co-hosts. the othere might be @JordanSeaWiz, but thats undecided. If you want to be tech and KNOW HOW, please DM me on twitter!!! We dont have any tech and NO IDEA what to do!! I might try and figure it out via Skype, but i dont know. Also, i need a headset to talk with! So its kinda running slow. Also, i am running a contest!!! DM me through twitter and i will put you in!!! The winner will win some codes from this site (CLICK HERE, AWESOME!!!). So, DM ME!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The theurg named UnicornDreamer: The Podcast!

Yes, you read right! The theurg named UnicornDreamer is hitting the radio (In a way) and BECOMING A PODCAST!!! There will still be this blog, and the Podcast is still in the works!! Btw, the ravenwood Ball is in Central time, okies? ty!!

Ravenwood Ball (Diary of a wizard)

Hello, young wizards! As many of you all know A certain site is holding a ravenwood ball. And i am holding a mini party!!! Port bus will be: Realm: Seraph, Area 1 at 6:00-6:15 or 6:30ish
at Life Tower. Port person will either be me or Jennifer DreamSinger. Thank you!! I will post when i find out what time zone it is!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Test realms rock!!!

Hey guys!!! Todays post is about Test Realms, and about how they rock!!
So, I havent been on wiz these last couple days becouse of World of Warcraft's Test Realm. This is different from Wizard101's test realm, because they give you 4 max levels with great armor! Wizard101's Test realm came up today, but not with a big improvement. It is just a new cutscene for the Malistaire dungeon.



Jenna UnicornDreamer

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Featured #twizard of the Summer!!!

So, as you all know, I had a contest featuring all the featured #twizards, and now to announce the winner.


Now, to move on. I have been crafting. And nothing exploded! (Yet). I crafted a Female Manniquinn. Heres a pic!!!

GLITS (Good Luck In The Spiral)


Jenna UnicornDreamer

Friday, June 3, 2011

#Twizard of the month, June!! @EliteWizard

Hey yall! So, its time again for the #Twizard of the month spot! This time it goes to @EliteWizard!! Elite is a big part in the wizard community, so thats how she earned this spot!!

But now for the twist.

I am going to give an even more honoring spot, #Twizard of the summer!! It will be a contest of existing #twizard of the months. Here is the list
@CrazedSorcerer (Jordan MoonStone)
Please DirectMessage me your vote AND vote on the poll!!


GLITS (Good Luck In The Spiral)


Jenna UnicornDreamer

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pictures on MSP

Bloggers of the Spiral

Hey Hey!! It is Jenna!! (Of course, who else would it be??) But i wanted to post on news of blogs and Massive Sultans Palace (MSP)!! First of all, I joined the AWESOME blog The Bloggers of the Spiral With Mary DreamShade and others. Also, I have gotten the MSP the other day, and plan on posting pics later today or this weekend!! I am working on getting to 50 to wear the Sultans Armor and Flute wand!! I am almost level 48 so hopefully i get to it!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mega Bundle

Hey, Friends!

Yesterday, GameStop released a new Bundle (Like the Epic Bundle) With an Arabian Theme (People are thinking its a sneak peek at a new Krokotopia continuation world, Like Wintertusk) With a Flying Carpet mount, Sultan's Armor, Sultan's Palace (Its HUGE), A Magical Genie that gives you and your friends free stuff everyday (Even rare items, like pets), A Snake-In-A-Basket pet, and a Flute Wand, plus a $10 cards worth Time or Crowns (Not both!). I am getting it this weekend maybe, so I will post pics!


Jenna UnicornDreamer

BTW, I changed the Website back ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hey everyone!!! Just wanted to clear up the changes of the blog: I have made an alt and decided to use him as my customization
People were getting confused about my gender, so i did that.

Anyone that has a wizard101 based Skype can add me Angel Unicornwiz



Angel UnicornDreamer

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wintertusk, New level 58 pets, and new level 35 spells. Oh, yeah, and Crabs!!

Wintertusk came out yesterday. This will probabally be a BIG boom in GrizzleHeim questers, and maybe less MarleyBone questers! There are new level 58 pets, and new level 35 spells. I dont know what the spells are, and i am not going to ruin the surprise of the pets!! Crab Alley is back, and I havent done it yet so I cant tell you the story line, Sorry!!!

Nick Jonas is the mystery composer for Wintertusk. I dont like the Jonas's because of what Joe did to Taylor Swift, But, you know, thats just my opinion



Jenna UnicornDreamer

Monday, May 2, 2011

Featured #Twizard of the month, May!!! @CrazedSorcerer

Jordan Moonstone, Jordan Seadreamers real life cousin, is the new Twizard of the month!!! And I would like to throw in a HUGE CONGRATS to USA's Navy Seals on Osama Bin Laden's- a REALLY evil man whom is responsible for 9/11 a big terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001- downfall!!! Kinda mean to say that, but it is a big step towards winning the war, but it could also lead to some BIG problems.



Jenna UnicornDreamer

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mystery Composer + Wintertusk

Wintertusk and the other expansions are on the Test Realm. WT does not (currently) have a hub (Commons, Jade Palace, etc.). And there is a famous Mystery Composer that made the music for WT. Honestly, I this it is Bruno Mars. Who do you think he is? Comment!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

4/20 Paying respects to all those who lost their life at Columbine High School

Everybody knows about it. Columbine, one of the most deadly school shootings in history. Rachel Joy Scott, the first person to be shot, her family is going around america, trying to make the world a better place. She was said to be some kind of Psycic. Right before the shooting, she drew a picture of two eyes crying 15 tears of blood. 15 lives were lost in the shooting (i think, but i know it was the exact amount)



Jenna UnicornDreamer

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Subscriptions: I hate thee.

So, I have run out of Membership for a little while (Maybe till easter, who knows *shrugs* We'll see...) So I am going to just ramble... So, I was playing World of Warcraft this past 2-3 weeks. I got to level 61 :D
This blogs OFFICIAL picture! Most of these people don't read this blog, just took it :D



Jenna UnicornDreamer

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Facebook, Twitter, and other social necessities.

Okay, today I am going to be like Ditto Monster and tell you about Internet Safety. What? You already knew? Thank goodness! I didn't want to talk about it, I am bad at that... But, I have a Wizard101 Facebook now, along with my Twitter. The name is Jenna Wiz and you can add me if you are a Wizard101 Facey.


Jenna UnicornDreamer

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Featured #twizard of the month!! and updates to blog

Welcome, Panglou, to the Featured #Twizard of the month crew (Alric, Snives, and Arlen are the others) I am off of Haitus from Wiz, and I made it to DragonSpyre!! Yay!! I updated my site, added my YouTube account at the bottom, along with Pinball and Snake games, Have fun!! Look around!! WHOO!!



Jenna UnicornDreamer

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pet... Rock!? Mount Week? RIFT!!!

So, I am on a Haitus from Wiz, playing a game called RIFT, but I decided to check in on it. So the Special Surprise is a Pet Rock, and whats Mount Week??

Jenna UnicornDreamer


Friday, March 25, 2011

I am sorry, Jordan!! Two winners for the #Twizard of the month spot

Dear Jordan,

I made you mad today. I wish i could take it all back, but i cant. I wish we could talk this over, But we cant.

I dont want to cause drama, but you did what you felt like you needed to do, and this is what i feel like i need to do.

And congratz, you and alric tied.

Lots of love and sorrys,

Jenna UnicornDreamer

You can find Snives' post under alric's

Featured #twizard of the month!! April!!!

First, some pictures of the party for Alric RavenSinger going on at this moment.

So now to announce the winner...
ALRIC RAVENSINGER!! as always, ytou can see his Twitter feed on the righthand side below mine!! Congrats!!! I asked five people, three votes, he won with two votes!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pet Egg and Nightmare... Hatch... SCREEEAAAMMM!!!

So, I assume everyone has heard about the two new pets? No? Well, Nightmare (Helephant +Noob Unicorn) is a fiery horse. Pet egg (Collussus + Noob Dragon) is an egg with feet. Duck feet. If Arlen Dawneyes gets of grounding soon, I will get one, but for now I have time to get my Fierce Hound up to Adult so I can get Spritely with my Pet Egg. Yay!!

Random picture, lol

In other news, I got farther in MooShu, I finished Ancient Burial Grounds in like 3-4 hours, so I'm in Village of Sorrow now, lvl 44. I hope I get out soon!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Patrick? You mean me, Jenna UnicornDreamer, The awsomerest Theurg ever!!

Hello, me good wizards!! Today is Theurg day, so, HAPPY THEURG DAY!!!.
Thats all I have to say. Bye

Ravenwood Radio... I was mentioned!!!

So, Ravewnwood Radio, a podcast for Wizard101, was on live last night. It was might first time watching a live show, and I asked a question through the Chatroom. To my surprise, it was answered!
I asked, "Do you ever think Wizard101 will add another main school?"
The answer, which DittoWizard, Another blogger, commented on, was "No, I don't think they will, it would be too hard."
I was so excited they mentioned me!!

Listen to Legen-dary, Ravenwood Radio number 35. I WAS MENTIONED AS JENNAUNICORNWIZ!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More pics of Arlen!!!

Arlen complained on twitter that he wanted more pics, (complainer!), so here they are!!!
Arlen (above) Mycin (Below)

Featured #twizard of the month!!

Our featured #twizard of the month is ArlenDawneyes, who's charactors are Mycin, Dugan, Arlen, Tarlac, and probably more!! You can see his, and my, #twizard feed on the right!! Follow him on twitter!!!
This is the only picture of Arlen's toons I have, sorry!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Grandmother Raven

Announcing Wintertusk
We're very excited to tell you about the upcoming Wizard101 World: Wintertusk!
Wintertusk will complete the epic storyline that began with Grizzleheim and will offer new things to do, and areas to explore for all levels of young Wizards.
Along with Wintertusk, we will also be launching new spells and new level 58 class pets for each main school of focus. We will also be bringing back the underwater area of the Crab King in sunken Triton Avenue, to tell a story about life in Crab Alley after the departure of Selena Gomez.
Have a sneak peek at Grandmother Raven, and for those of you following the story, Grandmother Raven's appearance will solve many outstanding mysteries of the Spiral!
Cool!! Lets hope it comes out soon!! (But not too soon, I wanna get to Celestia before it comes out!!! lol)