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Friday, July 29, 2011


Hey guys, sorry i havent posted in a while... I ran out of membership and just got it back the other day :) So I will be active again :) So the podcast is kind of going slowly, we have to cast and stuff, we just havent written down the script and practiced... Since its going to be Live, we need as much practice as we can get. I have been very active on Skype lately, and Twitter. So, thats all. I will post later, cyaz



P.S. YES, I is a dude. I have Jenna as my only girl toon, and my Ice Wiz I havent really started playing. Just thought I would point this out :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Podcast news, CONTEST!!!

Hey heyyy!!! So A certain mini-game site put in new items, including an AWESOME FOG Unicorn that used to be only avaible through a one-time use magazine code! Pic here:
Also, The Podcast pic!!!
Nice, eh? That is @AwesomeBlizzard next to me, one of the Co-hosts. the othere might be @JordanSeaWiz, but thats undecided. If you want to be tech and KNOW HOW, please DM me on twitter!!! We dont have any tech and NO IDEA what to do!! I might try and figure it out via Skype, but i dont know. Also, i need a headset to talk with! So its kinda running slow. Also, i am running a contest!!! DM me through twitter and i will put you in!!! The winner will win some codes from this site (CLICK HERE, AWESOME!!!). So, DM ME!!!