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Friday, March 25, 2011

I am sorry, Jordan!! Two winners for the #Twizard of the month spot

Dear Jordan,

I made you mad today. I wish i could take it all back, but i cant. I wish we could talk this over, But we cant.

I dont want to cause drama, but you did what you felt like you needed to do, and this is what i feel like i need to do.

And congratz, you and alric tied.

Lots of love and sorrys,

Jenna UnicornDreamer

You can find Snives' post under alric's

Featured #twizard of the month!! April!!!

First, some pictures of the party for Alric RavenSinger going on at this moment.

So now to announce the winner...
ALRIC RAVENSINGER!! as always, ytou can see his Twitter feed on the righthand side below mine!! Congrats!!! I asked five people, three votes, he won with two votes!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pet Egg and Nightmare... Hatch... SCREEEAAAMMM!!!

So, I assume everyone has heard about the two new pets? No? Well, Nightmare (Helephant +Noob Unicorn) is a fiery horse. Pet egg (Collussus + Noob Dragon) is an egg with feet. Duck feet. If Arlen Dawneyes gets of grounding soon, I will get one, but for now I have time to get my Fierce Hound up to Adult so I can get Spritely with my Pet Egg. Yay!!

Random picture, lol

In other news, I got farther in MooShu, I finished Ancient Burial Grounds in like 3-4 hours, so I'm in Village of Sorrow now, lvl 44. I hope I get out soon!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Patrick? You mean me, Jenna UnicornDreamer, The awsomerest Theurg ever!!

Hello, me good wizards!! Today is Theurg day, so, HAPPY THEURG DAY!!!.
Thats all I have to say. Bye

Ravenwood Radio... I was mentioned!!!

So, Ravewnwood Radio, a podcast for Wizard101, was on live last night. It was might first time watching a live show, and I asked a question through the Chatroom. To my surprise, it was answered!
I asked, "Do you ever think Wizard101 will add another main school?"
The answer, which DittoWizard, Another blogger, commented on, was "No, I don't think they will, it would be too hard."
I was so excited they mentioned me!!

Listen to Legen-dary, Ravenwood Radio number 35. I WAS MENTIONED AS JENNAUNICORNWIZ!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More pics of Arlen!!!

Arlen complained on twitter that he wanted more pics, (complainer!), so here they are!!!
Arlen (above) Mycin (Below)

Featured #twizard of the month!!

Our featured #twizard of the month is ArlenDawneyes, who's charactors are Mycin, Dugan, Arlen, Tarlac, and probably more!! You can see his, and my, #twizard feed on the right!! Follow him on twitter!!!
This is the only picture of Arlen's toons I have, sorry!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Grandmother Raven

Announcing Wintertusk
We're very excited to tell you about the upcoming Wizard101 World: Wintertusk!
Wintertusk will complete the epic storyline that began with Grizzleheim and will offer new things to do, and areas to explore for all levels of young Wizards.
Along with Wintertusk, we will also be launching new spells and new level 58 class pets for each main school of focus. We will also be bringing back the underwater area of the Crab King in sunken Triton Avenue, to tell a story about life in Crab Alley after the departure of Selena Gomez.
Have a sneak peek at Grandmother Raven, and for those of you following the story, Grandmother Raven's appearance will solve many outstanding mysteries of the Spiral!
Cool!! Lets hope it comes out soon!! (But not too soon, I wanna get to Celestia before it comes out!!! lol)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ghost Ninja!!! & Selena Gomez

Well!!! Just wanted to post this picture. Ghost ninja!!!

Along with some pics from the Selena Gomez quest I had lying around in my documents on the PC

And some photos from Jenna's Vacation to MooShu... She didn't know she would have to come back to save it!!

Above, NINJA JUMP!!!

This is what I did today!

Okay! So, I made this blog today, duh, and after that, I helped a friend in Celestia, Although I am only in Mooshu, Crazy, right? So as of now, me and Arlen Dawneyes are doing Nightshade for some strange reason. I just popped up, lol.

Okay, back to real life Wizard101

So, I made a post just a minute ago... it was and RP post, which will happen a lot here. Okay? Okay!!

First person to vote on my Poll was Amber RosePettal, who voted Fire as her favorite school!!
You win, well, nothing...


My first post!!!

So, I am Jenna UnicornDreamer, part of the family of UnicornDreamers, All though most were killed off by Malistaire, Wait, what? This will scare the noobs?? Ooopsees!! Well, only me and my little sister, Natalie, are still fighting, because of some, umm, complications...

Well!! Now back to the post, since you invaded our classroom>.> meanies, JUST KIDDING!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Now, my sister Natalie, she can be mean...

For future refrences, Natalie is me.