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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hello, Wizards and Pirates! Let me tell you what I have been up to, yes?

So, today I got on Pirate101 to play a bit. I got on and was at Captain Gunn's test. I completed it to find out... The treasure I was hunting for was taken... By WATER MOLES! I went off to find these water moles, with a bit of help from Gunn himself, and I find that they have Ratbeard dangling from a rope over a volcano, while throwing the gold in it! I quickly defeated the Water Mole leader, recruited Ratbeard, collected the remaining amount of gold, and went on my merry way. I then helped a few fellow citizens of Skull Island Skyways, before heading off to Puerto Mico (I think that's the name!) for a Diplomatic mission to increase tradings.

What will happen next in the exciting life of Faithful Melody Dove? Stay tuned to find out!

Captain Gunn!

Captain Gunn speaks to me!

My crew!

Defeating the Water Moles!

Ratbeard joining my crew!

So, any interesting tales of Piratin' or Wizarding? Tell them to me in the comments section below, or @ me on twitter at @UnicornWiz!

Angel UnicornDreamer/Faithful Melody Dove
GLITS! (Good luck in the Spiral/Skyways!)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of "Yum"!

Hardy there, Pirates!

Okay, that sounded super british. But anyways, Hi!

So, I know if you were on twitter today, it's been pretty stressful. But, let's have a little but of fun in this blog post, shall we?

First off; I am totally addicted to Pirate101! My main is Faithful Melody Dove, she looks just like Humble Harmony from the beta (see last post), based off my story, and she's a Musketeer. I have a Privateer alt who is in a questing group with Quinn from Fin and Quinn and @FinandQuinn on twitter, Alia from Wizard101 Addict, also @CheezehLotus on Twitter, and my absolutely best friend, Jenii, @AwesomeBlizzard on Twitter. We have it set up perfectly; We have a tank (Jenii, Buccaneer), RDPS (Ranged Damage, Alia, Musketeer), Healer (Me, Privateer), and MDPS (Melee Damage, Quinn, Swashbuckler). If you ever want to set up a group for questing, do that (Musketeer and Witchdoctor can be switched). It is absolutely the perfect group.

Life Fountain

Faithful Melody Dove!

My Halloween Swashbuckler

My pirates (I know, I'm a noob)

 The Three Musketeers! Haha

We look SO much alike

Ignore my creeper comments in the background. Haha

So anyways, have a good evening! More posts to come :)

Angel UnicornDreamer, Faithful Melody Dove, and whatever other aliases I go as

GLITS! (Good luck in the Spiral/Skyways!)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Humble Harmony

The NDA for Pirate101 was lifted, which means, I CAN BLOG ABOUT IT!! Here's a picture.

Humble Harmony, my epic Musketeer, based off a character in my story, "Kari Summer". The Blonde in the right-back is the re-creation of my wizard, Jenna UnicornDreamer, and the guy in front-next to her is her "brother", Their named Jenna Nightingale and Evan Warren, and their both Witchdoctors, but more on that later. The white-haired girl in the back is "Charming Jackie Orleans", a Buccaneer, the guy in front of her is Shy Brandon, a Privateer, and the girl in front of him is Charming Destiny Noble, the Swashbuckler.

I might actually make a story for these guys later, would be neat, yeah?

Anyways, some handy cosmetic tips:


1) Choose your beginning starter colors CAREFULLY! Choose something YOU like, and will never grow tired of, or something that would be amusing to have a gruff pirate wear. You can always change YOUR armor's color later, but as far as I see, you can't change you're companions colors, and their based off of your colors.

2) Make your flag match your colors. I haven't tested this yet, but I'm not sure if the accessories colors on your boat match with your armor's color or the flag's colors, so it's  good to be careful with this stuffs.

3) Match your characters clothes with what you want their personality to be. Humble Harmony and Shy Brandon are quiet and keep to themselves, so they wear blend-y colors, and they aren't bold. (Okay, ignore Humble Harmony's helmet, I haven't found a new one)

4) Be yourself, be unique!!! Blue and Purple? That's awesome, if you like it. Someone doesn't like your colors, "Walk the plank, maties!"

5) Do what YOU want, don't listen to me.

6) There are no odd hair colors like in Wizard101 (Which is why Jenna Nightingale doesn't have green hair), so your going to have to be a little unique with your colors.

Heres some pictures:


That's the docks. This is where your ship will be at (most) times, if it isn't bottled up (long story I am too lazy to explain). You can even get on other people's ships (and other people on yours!) so you can go on adventures together! (Don't worry, there's a "kick off ship" button!)

The Crew is a handy-dandy little system, heres a pic of mine.

Thats what the Musketeer crew should look like at Level 6, but you have to spend training points to level up your crew members, the best advice: Level up your 1st companion, then, if your long-ranged, your melee, if your short-ranged, your ranged attackers.



Angel UnicornDreamer, Humble Harmony, and the rest of the gang.

GLITS (Good Luck in the Spiral/Skyways!)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Yarr, maties!

Yes, the new game from Kings Isle, and in the same universe as the game we all know and love- Wizard101. And I got into the Beta.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to discuss the details. But it is every bit, if better, than Wizard101.
So, what have you been up to in Wizard101? I havent been playing as much, but I am starting to. I guess my break is now over, aha!

And, another important thing to mention. I am discontinuing "Featured #Twizard of the month". Yes, no more Featured #Twizard of the months. Why? Because it is favoritism. When I started it, I didn't realize it, but now I do, without anyone telling me so, that I have NO judging system, and is complete favoritism. So, one last time, the featured #twizard of the month is every #twizard ever, because you all are awesome.

So, I have nothing more to blog about, so until next time!

Angel UnicornDreamer.

GLITS (Good Luck In The Spiral!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog posts, stories, and many, many more...

Hey, wizards! It has been a while, hasnt it? Well, how has everyone been? Good, I hope? Unfortunatly, my wizard-ing days are over. But, that opens up doors to many more days to come!

For one, I have been playing The Sims 3, World of Warcraft (I got into Mists of Pandaria Beta!!), and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Also, I have been writing a bit, so check out my story here!

And, one last thing:

#Twizard of July, is @Everyone!!!!

Signed (and hopefully not for the last time!),

Angel UnicornDreamer


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Avalon and such

Hello! I know its been a while since I posted, because I have taken a pretty long break from Wizzy (too much of a good thing is a bad thing, eh?), and really had nothing to talk about, but I am back for now. Im going to attempt getting a membership card tomorrow, but lets talk about some changes for right now.

Avalon. I really dont know much about this, although I know its Alice in Wonderland/King Arthur based. Moving on.

Pirate101. I am actually pretty excited about this. I looked at some pics of the fighting KingsIsle has up, and it looks neat and different. I cant wait to try it. I also really hope your pirate and wizard will eventually cross paths, or at least have a quest that effects the other game some how. Like, you defeat Morganthe in the pirate game or something?

Wands on Walls. This really completed my Memorial room. (remember I showed that to you all?) I like it.

Also, I want to post some pictures.

This picture is a Sim I created thats based on my wizard.

And these are pictures. Yeaaaahhhh.


Angel UnicornDreamer

GLITS (Good Luck In The Spiral!)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Fabulous Leap day, and all the others I missed...

 Hey guys! So, I know I haven't posted in, well, forever, but I have a reason! Sort of! I have gotten a lot of new games, and have been playing those, which included Minecraft, The Sims 3, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. They are all really cool games, and I pre-ordered The Sims 3 Showtime Katy Perry Collectors Edition, so it comes out Tuesday, and I will get same day delivery. Yay! Anyways, since I have no real news of wizzy (heck, I dont even know whats going on...) Here are some pictures.