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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hello, Wizards and Pirates! Let me tell you what I have been up to, yes?

So, today I got on Pirate101 to play a bit. I got on and was at Captain Gunn's test. I completed it to find out... The treasure I was hunting for was taken... By WATER MOLES! I went off to find these water moles, with a bit of help from Gunn himself, and I find that they have Ratbeard dangling from a rope over a volcano, while throwing the gold in it! I quickly defeated the Water Mole leader, recruited Ratbeard, collected the remaining amount of gold, and went on my merry way. I then helped a few fellow citizens of Skull Island Skyways, before heading off to Puerto Mico (I think that's the name!) for a Diplomatic mission to increase tradings.

What will happen next in the exciting life of Faithful Melody Dove? Stay tuned to find out!

Captain Gunn!

Captain Gunn speaks to me!

My crew!

Defeating the Water Moles!

Ratbeard joining my crew!

So, any interesting tales of Piratin' or Wizarding? Tell them to me in the comments section below, or @ me on twitter at @UnicornWiz!

Angel UnicornDreamer/Faithful Melody Dove
GLITS! (Good luck in the Spiral/Skyways!)

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