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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of "Yum"!

Hardy there, Pirates!

Okay, that sounded super british. But anyways, Hi!

So, I know if you were on twitter today, it's been pretty stressful. But, let's have a little but of fun in this blog post, shall we?

First off; I am totally addicted to Pirate101! My main is Faithful Melody Dove, she looks just like Humble Harmony from the beta (see last post), based off my story, and she's a Musketeer. I have a Privateer alt who is in a questing group with Quinn from Fin and Quinn and @FinandQuinn on twitter, Alia from Wizard101 Addict, also @CheezehLotus on Twitter, and my absolutely best friend, Jenii, @AwesomeBlizzard on Twitter. We have it set up perfectly; We have a tank (Jenii, Buccaneer), RDPS (Ranged Damage, Alia, Musketeer), Healer (Me, Privateer), and MDPS (Melee Damage, Quinn, Swashbuckler). If you ever want to set up a group for questing, do that (Musketeer and Witchdoctor can be switched). It is absolutely the perfect group.

Life Fountain

Faithful Melody Dove!

My Halloween Swashbuckler

My pirates (I know, I'm a noob)

 The Three Musketeers! Haha

We look SO much alike

Ignore my creeper comments in the background. Haha

So anyways, have a good evening! More posts to come :)

Angel UnicornDreamer, Faithful Melody Dove, and whatever other aliases I go as

GLITS! (Good luck in the Spiral/Skyways!)

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